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Welcome to csi_llandudno :)  We are still very much in the early stages of this project, so please bear with us!  Season One of the project will soon be upon us - we will post soon with a date for the pilot episode!  Meanwhile, please get to know the characters as we each take part in a ficathon of sorts - writing 100 short pieces for the characters.

There will be 12 episodes in season one - coming soon!
Film :: Sherlock Holmes :: Together

RUBY LEWIS - created by cadiliniel

HERE is the link to the table of links to the drabbles and ficlets written by cadiliniel.  These pieces of writing are meant as little snippets that give a closer look at the characters that will feature in the episodes.

NAME: Ruby Lewis
AGE: 26
D.O.B: 04/08/1980
'RANK': CSI Level II
BACKGROUND/FAMILY HISTORY:  Grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, amongst some of North Wales' more sophisticated criminals, her family having strong ties with the Dreigiau Duon gang.  Although she performed academically well at school, she would often get into trouble because of her attitude and the way she dealt with other people and students.  She was pretty much a loner.  Although she had no desire to turn to crime, she often found herself involved with some of her family and friends' shadier dealings, having many brushes with the law.  Though never charged or convicted of any crimes, she readily admits that had she stayed amongst the people there she would no doubt have become a hardened criminal herself.  It was during a raid of one of the Dreigiau Duon's properties that her parents and brother were arrested and convicted of drug and violent crimes offenses.  It was at this point, aged 19, that she came nearest to being prosecuted.  However, thanks to the hard work of Dylan Cash, no charges were ever brought against her.  It was Cash who spotted her keen academic skill and saw her potential in law enforcement.  At age 20 she finally decided to undertake CSI training.  Dylan Cash offered Ruby a place on her team before she'd finished training.  Due to her past experience with the criminal underworld over the years Ruby has often been enlisted by the police department to work undercover on some gang-related cases, though never any involving the Dreigiau Duon or their known associates.
FIELD OF EXPERTISE:  Ruby's specialty is ballistics.  As well as an expert at identifying and examining a wide variety of firearms, she is also and expert markswoman.
CHARACTER: Often considered to be brash and loud, Ruby's attitude comes only from a lifetime of dealing with less than savoury people, amongst whom weakness and hesitation is not an option.  Her over-confidence is often a mask for her lack of people skills in a world of non-criminals.  Those who know her will testify to her great kindness and caring.  Though she does not often let cases get to her, she can often be found not following the book when it comes to dealing with suspects and, on occaision, witnesses.  She has an intensely stubborn streak, but will take advice from those she considers as friends, to whom she is fiercely loyal.  Despite her name, Ruby is a bit of a patriot and speaks Welsh as her first language.
INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS*:  Ruby has a close friendship with her superior, Dylan Cash, who essentially offered her a way out of a life of crime.  She gets on well with the entire team of CSI's, having bonded with them over many a difficult case and hard party.  Although she occaisionally has disagreements with Cate Raikonnen, the two get along fine.  She has only crossed-paths with Paris Halliwell once or twice, but so far they have got on well.  She has a bit of a soft-spot for Lieutenant John 'Johnny' Presley, and is often teased by her friends about it.  While most people accept her, there are some of the police officers who do not take kindly to her, thanks to her association with the Dreigiau Duon.
APPEARANCE: Ruby is of medium height and build.  Her hair is dark and shoulder length, more often than not worn in a ponytail.  She has a fondness for cowboy boots and black shirts.  She has a small scar above her left eye.

This biography is subject to updating and change :)