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CSI: Llandudno

North Wales Crime Scene Investigation Unit

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CSI: Llandudno - a fan fiction project by a group of friends (both fans and not of the CSI TV shows) which is part serious and part fun!

Join the community if you'd like to follow the adventures of Dylan Cash and her team of expert criminologists! We're currently just getting started, but we'll start posting soon!

The cast of characters includes Dylan Cash, the dynamic supervisor of the group; Cate Raikonnen, the linguist and chocolate lover; Ruby Lewis, ballistics expert with a shady past; Paris Halliwell, the new mortician; and Aeryn Jackson, the single-mum AV techie.

This is a writing project by deccaboo, bunnyvon, cadiliniel, elektrik_storm and 3_fries_short (and hopefully cosmic_llin soon!)
aeryn jackson, ballistics, cameron tennant, cate raikonnen, cops, crime, csi, dylan cash, forensics, johnny presley, law enforcement, linguistics, paris halliwell, pathology, police, profiling, ruby lewis, science